10 Ways to Enjoy Being Snowed In

As we get older the kid in us all seems to die, unfortunately! Why? We think we are too busy, too adult, to mature, too cool, too sophisticated ... all stupid excuses! And we also forget how to have fun! So here are some things we do to enjoy being snowed in at our house!

The assumption is that if you have a significant other you would do all these things TOGETHER! And if you have a family that you do all these things TOGETHER as a family!

1) Shovel Driveway!
2) Build a Snowman!
3) Make cookies!
4) Snuggle by the fireplace! (Or the oven if you don't have a fireplace! Or even in front of the computer with a picture of a burning fireplace!)
5) Make a snow-angel!
6) Have a snow-ball fight!
7) Have a movie marathon!
8) Play some old fashioned board-games!
9) Play hide-n-go-seek inside!
10) Play a game of paint-ball! (Okay, so that wouldn't work ... so use nurf guns!)