Life's Healing Journey

Colmar, France

I woke up the other morning while vacationing in Europe thinking about walking life's healing journey, not sure why it was on my mind, but here is something to remember ... at least in my opinion.

We all have issues. Let's just be real here. Not one person on planet earth now or ever before, except maybe Jesus :) was/is perfect, we all have issues. Whether it's abuse, physical challenges, addition, dysfunction, in-laws, etc etc.

I think that we should NOT allow our lives to be defined by whatever "issues" or "brokenness" that was or is present in our lives. Make sense? I think we should focus on the healing portion, and the good and awesome stuff while walking through whatever brokenness we may be dealing with. I have had conversations over and over with people that seem to be just consumed by the ugly stuff in their lives, it's all they think about, and talk about. And sometimes it's even from their childhood, and they are now in their 40's. Please understand I am in NO WAY saying we should bury our heads in the sands of "everything is great" when it is not, BUT to stay focused on your "issues" all your life, to me is no way to live life.

Focus on the health, the beauty, the fixed, the healing, the love and the joys that are all around. Even when you have some handicap, don't let that define you or "ruin" your life. Yes, life sucks sometimes, no doubt! Even for those who seem to have such a wonderful "facebook" life, they don't. That includes me.

Life is so short, even if you live a long full life, it's short. I feel this especially being here in Europe and visiting all the Roman Ruins that are over 2,000 years old. Millions of people, including Kings, Priests, the rich, the poor, the tall, the short, etc have come and gone. They were once here, lived a life, then gone. Dust. And that's where we are all headed; dust.

So I guess my challenge is this, ENJOY every minute of your life, whether you feel it sucks or not. Life is a lot perspective, I feel. At least I have seen people in my life who have had terrible things happen to them, and have lost much and yet they are happy and go on living life and enjoying each moment. Then I have also met people who have lost things too and yet it's defined them. They stopped living. Life ended at the loss. It's very sad, because it's a choice how we respond to life; the good, the bad, the ugly AND the good.

Live your life, enjoy your life, and always be kind to everyone, everywhere at all times. You'll never regret that.

I love you!

I Turned 50 in Paris

Paris Painting.jpg

I turned 50 on April 14th, then two days later I spent the day in Paris with my wife and son. Unfortunately my daughter couldn’t make it because she is adulting, ha ha!

I woke up on my birthday and had these thoughts and wanted to share it with you, enjoy!


Today is my 50th Birthday, I honestly can’t believe it! I don’t feel 50, I definitely don’t act 50 and hopefully I never look 50, ha ha! 50 years of life has taught me a few lessons no doubt!

I wish I could say that what I’ve learned came from all my successes and good decisions, but the truth is I’ve learned most my lessons from hardships, struggles and bad choices.

50 Things I’ve Learned: (This is my list, your list will be different)

1) Life is what you make it for the most part.

Meaning, many of our problems WE CAUSE by poor decisions, just as good decisions make life better. i.e. Eating right and regular exercise leads to better health typically, and Twinkies, Ding Dongs and fast food lead to poor health typically. This is true when it comes to every area of life ... career, relationships, etc etc.

2) You never can go wrong with Love & Kindness.

3) Religion is not all that great, but faith is.

4) Wash your face daily, and moisturize.

5) Drink a shit-ton of water daily.

6) Enjoy a good Wine, Beer or Whisky ever so often.

7) Try Marijuana (if you live in a legal state).

8) Travel as much as possible.

9) Live simple.

10) Dress with style.

11) Exercise daily.

12) Be quick to apologize and forgive.

13) Be positive.

14) Love your family like crazy.

15) Don't judge.

16) See the beauty in everything and everyone.

17) Don't spend more $ than you earn.

18) Give 10% away to charity.

19) With any deal find a Win Win.

20) Help others reach their dreams.

21) Don't be a shitty person, ever.

22) Be a lover.

23) Don't waste your life watching too much TV, but rather get out and live life.

24) Cry when you feel like it.

25) Be vulnerable.

26) Have a healthy sex life with your partner.

27) Laugh at yourself and others.

28) Read. Read. Read.

29) Be teachable.

30) Have some great friends, they are the spice of life.

31) Have no regrets.

32) Don't let your past define you, write your own story.

33) Live with passion.

34) Don't ever give up on your dreams.

"Just keep swimming!"


35) Smile.

36) Skip rather than walk down the street.

37) Give lots of compliments.

38) Do the things that bring you joy.

39) Get at least (1) tattoo.

40) Don't let fear dictate your decisions.

41) Try new things.

42) Learn a foreign language.

43) Learn to play an instrument.

44) Find your tribe.

45) Find a job you love so you can enjoy going to work each day.

46) Create.

47) Paint.

48) Watch good movies.

49) Swim in the Ocean.

50) Take time each day to Dream and Think.

Life Is Awesome, But It Also Sucks

Life Is Awesome

Life Is Awesome

I find myself becoming more and more reflective as the years go by. Now that I am 49, almost 50, I am aware that I am in fact middle-aged now. That’s weird to even hear myself say, “middle-aged”. Part of me likes being middle-aged, and another part of me doesn’t like it at all. I mean seriously, who wants to consider their life half over? No one! And I for sure don’t.

I have also realized I am attending more funerals in the last 10 years than I ever have before, that sucks. But I know people die. We all will die one day. Dreams die. Things come to an end. But also things are being born. New dreams come alive. Life is awesome, but it also sucks sometimes.

What is my point? Life is a journey, it has it’s ups and it’s downs. It’s unpredictable at times, but it is also beautiful. Enjoy every moment. The good, the bad and even the ugly. We can learn from it all, if we’ll allow ourselves to. You got this!



I grew up without facebook! I know, shocker I could even survive such a thing, though I did and would say I am fairly well adjusted and somewhat normal. (Some might debate that last part)

That said, I wanted to just add a post here to let you know that I mainly post to facebook, and Instagram and very rarely do I actually "blog" here ... I do videos mostly and you can find those on my youtube channel.

So, if you are looking for me ... you can find me on facebook, instagram and youtube