Paint Your World in Beautiful Colors

We create the kind of life we want to live. Obviously there are 'some' things that are out of our control, who our parents are, where we are born, the color of our eyes, etc. etc. But, within each of those things there are a myriad of choices we can make to create the kind of life we want. Let me explain.

I was talking with my teenage daughter today (I know, right ... pray for me!) and she mentioned a fellow student who signed a deal to play football for Auburn University. It was a big deal. And I blurted out, "I bet he doesn't use drugs, or sleep around and do a bunch of typical stupid teenage stuff does he?" She said, "no he doesn't!" And I got to thinking about all of us and how we ought to count the costs of each and every decision we make in life. And ask, "how will this decision affect my future plans?" "Is this what I want from life?" "Will this decision take me places I want to go, or take me away from what I want?"

Powerful questions! Because there are many things that are out of our control, but there are a million things within our control! Who you marry? Will I get pregnant in high school? Will I go to prison? Will I be financially secure? Will I be wealthy? Will I do something great with my life? Will I change the world? Will I follow God or will I follow my peers? Will I make wise decisions, or stupid ones?

We are ultimately in control of so much of our lives, don't think for a minute you are not! Making GOOD choices will only increase the odds of you painting your world in beautiful colors!