Mend Broken Bridges

In all of our lives there are relationships that come and others that go. I know that I have a core group of friends who have been there nearly my entire adult life, while others have withered away for one reason or another. I have even had friends “so called” who promised to be my “friend” forever, and through various circumstances, some out of their control (Divorce, Job Relocation, Marriage, etc.) made it difficult to keep their promise, and now they are gone.

Have you ever lost a friend that you would hope to have back in your life? Do you even remember what happened? Why did you stop being friends? Was it their fault? Your fault? No one's fault?

I recently had a conversation with an old friend, and it was good to mend the broken friendship and say, “I’m sorry!” and, “I forgive you!” And move forward.  How about you? Do you have a relationship that you would like to mend? If so, then make that call; send that email, fb message, or text TODAY! Maybe it will be well received, maybe not, but it’s worth a try!

Life is way too short to have broken down relationship bridges! One day that person will be gone, or you will be gone … and you’ll wish you did! (Unless of course you are a cold-hearted bitter person, then maybe not!)