My Story of Health & Healing

Please READ my story before you watch the video!

I have never shared the story you are about to read over the internet, in fact it happened over 17 years ago (when I was 27) so the internet was a very new thing and I only had VHS tapes of this seminar that literally saved my life! And that is no exaggeration! And I must give the reason I didn't share so you can understand my position, but also understand now why I must share - when I entered the ministry and became a pastor I was told that it wouldn't be right to tell people about Jesus AND healthy diet stuff (even though both had dramatically changed my life) ... so I took the advice and pretty much kept my personal story of health and healing a secret. Only those close to me heard my story. I am coming out of the closest, as they say, to tell my "back from the dead health and healing story." 


Back in 1996 I became very ill. At the time I weighed just under 200lbs, had a 38 inch waist and ate like any normal American - whatever I wanted, when I wanted and however much I wanted.  I was 27 years young, and invincible.

I'll never forget being rushed to the emergency room, dehydrated, unsure of just what was going on, very scared. I had bad digestion problems, had trouble going to the restroom (#2), suffering with heartburn, acid reflux, and felt dog tired all the time. It felt like my body was just shutting down. This led to bouts of depression and anxiety. It was a very dark time in my life. (Side note: I was lifting weights 5 days a week, playing softball once a week ... so I was active!)

I eventually went to see 3 different Doctors (in Tulsa, OK) to get some answers, they kept prescribing various drugs, one to help with the symptom, the other to counteract the adverse symptoms from the drug. After it was all said and done I was on 9 medications (6 of which I was told I would take for the rest of my life) and had to be rushed to the emergency room 2 more times to be re-hydrated. (You can ask my wife about this time in our lives … it still makes her cry from remembering how it felt to feel like she was losing her husband after just 3 short years of marriage!) This lasted 6 long months, then …


One day a concerned acquaintance from church came by my house to offer his prayers and support for me and my sickness, his name was John. John said, “Timmy I heard you are sick and I wanted to tell you that my Dad is a Nutrition Counselor and he and my mom live just right there (pointing across the street) and I think he can help you.”  I was a little like, whatever, but only because I had had several people drop off Pills, Powders and Potions that were sure to make me well and not one of them helped! And I tried them all! I was desperate to get well! I had a life to live, and this was not living life. John went on to say, “here is a VHS tape of my Dad giving one of his Health Talks, you ought to watch it.” Again, I was desperate to get well, so I watch it minutes after he left. (*The video above is that very Health Talk)

John had come by on a Friday morning, minutes after he left I popped the video tape in the VCR and watched in utter amazement by what I heard and saw! So that afternoon I called John’s Dad, his name was J.W. Emerson, and I told him I had watched the tape and needed help. I also told him a little bit about my health issues and he said, “come on over to the house tomorrow morning and bring your wife, we’ll talk.” I said, “Sounds great, see you tomorrow!”


I woke up Saturday morning excited to go across the street to meet this J.W. & Lois Emerson and find out more about HOW TO eat better so I could LIVE better. The story could really get long here, so I am going to cut to the chase – we met, I did exactly what J.W. said to do and 6 weeks later I was off all 9 medications, and 12 weeks later I lost 50lbs, and trimmed 8 inches off my waist and was completely healthy and feeling great, actually better than I had in many years. And that was 17 years ago, and today at age 44 years young and I am still trim, medication free (I don’t even take Aspirin but maybe a couple times a year) and feeling great! And I believe you can too!

As a bi-product of my journey to health, we had many close friends and family members see with their own eyes what had happened to me and so they asked, “what are you doing?” I told them, and they made some change too and saw the same kind of results.

On one hand I would say, “This isn't for everyone” but on the other hand, “I believe it is for everyone!” ha ha! Seems to be contradictory, but honestly if I hadn't been sick and desperate I would have never changed my diet! I honestly didn't think that what I ate had anything to do with how I felt! I just didn't! I thought it was all just about genetics, ‘some have good ones, and others have bad ones’ … I hoped I had the good ones. Now I believe different.

So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or need to lose a few pounds or if you just want to learn some really cool stuff about how the body functions and how food affects your body, watch the video and I pray your life will be forever changed as mine was!

J.W. & Lois Emerson come to our home once a year and give their Healthy For Life talk, let me know if you are interested in attending.


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