Don't Look Down

I used to ride motocross when I was living in Texas back in 1998-2002. And I loved it! I had one struggle though; I was slow in the corners. Not only was I slow, but when I would crash, it was in the corners.  It wasn’t until a motocross friend of mine who actually rode on the pro circuit back in Jeremy McGrath days gave me a little helpful instruction. He said, “Timmy keep your head up when you come into a corner and look up … look where you want to go, don’t look down at the front tire.” Sure enough, I got on my bike and came flying into a corner, kept my head up, looking forward, looking where I wanted to go … and bam, I flew in and out of the corner faster than I had ever done before.

I later realized how applicable that instruction was to my personal everyday life as well. Many times in life we find ourselves looking down; down at problems, down at people issues, down at discouragements, down at society, down at our own faults, down at our shortcomings, down at our past screw ups, down at our so-called failures and we miss out on the life we could have if we’d only look up. It seems so simple, just like the simple instruction my friend gave me that helped speed up my lap time considerably, but true.


Check yourself, are you, like so many of us looking down and missing out on a better way? If so, make the simple adjustment, look up and move forward faster in achieving your dreams!