The Whole Gay Thing

I received an email from a gay friend and church member today that I feel touches a little on the heart of how the homosexual community feels when we Christians act like we do towards them.

Here is what is so hypocritical and two-faced; when I was a young seminary student I struggled with lust, but because it was "heterosexual lust" my friends all high fived me, and supported me, even when I stumbled and fell, which happened a lot. Why? One reason is because they struggled and fell as well! Or that is was a more "normal" struggle in their book? Not totally sure. I never felt like an outcast for my struggle, I never felt judged or condemned or rejected from the church. I could sing in the choir, be in leadership, participate however I wanted in the reindeer games! BUT a good friend of mine, who was also a seminary student, was struggling with lust too, but it was "homosexual" lust. And when he decided to come to his "Christian" friends for prayer and support, they all ran! All but me, I stayed. It just didn't seem like Jesus to run away. But everyone else completely cut him off, and even made fun of him, calling him "sissy," as well as spreading gossip about him. It was, and is despicable! If I’m honest often, I feel that how many Christians (so called) have treated the homosexual community is downright evil, and I believe that Jesus is embarrassed by it.

Side note; don’t read into what I am writing here! I am not talking about homosexuality being sin, or not sin. To me, that’s really not the issue (not saying it's not important or even an issue, it's just not MY issue right now); because if it is sin, then we should treat the homosexual sinner just like we treat the heterosexual sinner and if it’s not a sin, then what the hell. My divorced friends are treated with respect, and they were given the right to divorce and it’s clear in scripture that divorce is a sin, Jesus even said so. So come on people, there are people to reach for Christ can we stop trying to go after the homosexual like it's some catchy disease. 

Just my opinion, lump it or like it, I honestly do not care!
Dear Pastor Timmy,
This week has been a stark reminder of why I stopped going to church 20 years ago!! Seriously. I hate the self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrisy and hurtful, hateful speech that comes out of the mouths of so-called Christians, who think THEY are being persecuted by the homosexual agenda.

Let me fill you in on a little secret: There is NO homosexual agenda!! FOR REAL!! Don't tell anyone, but trust me, I have been one for 50 years, so I should know. All we want is to be loved and accepted, and perhaps some equal rights. Is that so wrong?

This week, however, in the midst of my distress and sadness, I found solace. I found hope. Because I have two remarkable pastors who started a church based on LOVE.

Ten years ago, you both were SO young. You must have been AFRAID. But you followed your hearts and did what God asked you to do. That took COURAGE. That took SACRIFICE.

I'm SO impressed. I know it can't be easy. I know you don't earn a lot of money to raise a family. I know you get a lot of crap, regardless of any stance you voice publicly. But you continue to rise above the fray and return to that foundation of LOVE.

The tiny mustard seed you planted continues to flourish and has uprooted ALL of the mulberry trees you have faced along the way.

Long story short: I don't care about the frickin' chicken!!

I love Mercy Church.

I love Timmy and Jana Gibson.

I love Jesus.

I love life.

Thanks for ALL you do ... and keep doing it!!