Blinded By Our Past

I am not sure if this picture is to mean, Blinded By Truth, or Blinded From Truth? For the purpose of my blog post here I am going to pick the latter.

Too many times we allow our past to dictate our future; our future attitudes, future successes, future behaviors, future beliefs, etc. What have you allowed your past to keep you from achieving? Obviously our past can also serve as positive, but unfortunately I have witnessed too many times that our pasts have served as a crutch that cripples us and even keeps us from reaching our childhood dreams.  

So maybe you are wondering, “how can I know if my past is keeping me from achieving my dreams?” (dream relationships, dream job, dream life, etc.) Easy, if you feel that’s something is missing, or if you seem to circle the same mountain … like in relationships for example - maybe you start dating, but something always falls apart and it just seems that love is just out of reach, then maybe there is some past beliefs that is hindering you. If you typically feel that you are right and everyone else is wrong, you might be blinded … actually I would say that you of all people maybe be blinded most of all! People that are always attempting to correct others, fix others, counsel others often become blinded by their own shortcomings in the process. I know, I have been there! If you have a sense of unhappiness or unrest, then maybe it’s time to deal with your issues from the past.

So what do you do?

1)      Seek answers from God. Bible says that we should, “ask, seek, knock…” So do it!

2)      Seek guidance from a good counselor. I have done this, and have found them very helpful in self-discovery.

 3)      Read books on the subject of personal development, or whatever particular area you may be struggling with.

4)      Be honest with yourself. Ya know, you could be wrong! You may be doing things wrong. You may be thinking wrong. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it could happen!
5)      Ask a spouse or close trusted friend for honest loving feedback. I know, this is scary. But if they love you, I mean really love you they will want to help you overcome your blind spots. Many times those close to you have you figured out, but they don’t feel welcome to share, or frankly they don’t want to hurt your feelings, as well as they love you and are gracious and don’t want to seem judgmental … so they keep their mouth shut. Some of my favorite people in my life have been the ones who weren’t afraid to point out my faults. Praises don’t help me! Correction does. Don’t get me wrong, I want praises just as much as the next guy, but if that is all I ever get then I am no better for it! Tell me the truth, when I ask for it. It’s only valuable and trustworthy coming from trusted close friends. It’s like trying to correct someone else’s child … doesn’t work!     

6)      Listen. Genuinely be open-hearted to hear where you might be missing it. Sometimes people are telling us stuff all the time, not directly, but indirectly. Listen.

7)      Be Humble. The humble shall inherit the earth. To me a humble heart is a heart that is willing to take responsibility for any wrong action, as well as being able to say, “I was wrong, forgive me!”

TRUTH: The harder it is for you to say; “I was wrong, please forgive me” is the indication of just how much pride is in your heart.