10 Dating Mistakes Men & Women Make

1)      They give to get.

2)      They care more about what’s in it for them.

3)      They are looking for someone to make them happy.

4)      They are “Too Fast Too Furious” when it comes to sex.

5)      They try to impress, rather than just BE impressive.

6)      They are emotional immature aka “Moody Jerk”.

7)      They think more about being served than serving.

8)      They keep secrets. (I believe in total and complete honesty)

9)      When there is a problem they point the finger, rather than reflect on how they may have contributed aka “Blame game”.

10)  They get desperate and don’t jump ship when they should. (If he/she isn’t right for you, don’t waste your time on even one more date! Just walk away)

I will expound on each of these points in another blog, I am no vacation and the sun is coming out and it’s my last day on the beach ... gotta go! :) 

Let me know if you think of any I’ve missed!