How to Support Your Pastor

99.9% of the time I blog my own thoughts ... yes, I guess it's all about me, so enough about what I think of me, what about other people, what do other people think about me? Lol ... that is a quote from a movie ... my attempt at movie humor yet again!

Moving on ... I had a new member ask me recently; What is the best way I can support you here at Mercy Church? I thought WOW, what a wonderful question to ask, no one has really ever asked me that before (but a great one to ask!).

So, like what we all do in the age of "everything you want to know is only a few clicks away" I typed "How to support your pastor" into GOOGLE and here is the second little article that popped up ... I read it, agreed 100%! So here is just a few ways to support your pastor (or church staff) at your church.

HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR PASTOR by Teachforever (eHow Community Member)

Step 1

The first thing that you can do for your pastor is to pray for him or her. Ask the Lord to give them strength and courage to do his will regardless of the obstacles that he or she may face. Pray for your pastor on a daily basis.

Step 2

Second, do not allow anyone to talk negatively about your pastor. Refuse to be involved in church gossip. Remember, God has placed your shepherd over your life and you do not want to be involved in confusion.

Step 3

Third, give liberally to the financial support of the ministry. Your tithe and offerings help support the work of the ministry. The lack of your giving will only place more undeserved pressure on your pastor.

Step 4

Fourth, try to take as much labor off of your pastor's plate as necessary. Ministry can be one of the most thankless professions. The lighter his or her load, the better the opportunity for them to seek the face of God for the congregation.

Step 5

Fifth, ensure your presence at church. Your presence alone should provide encouragement to your pastor. Others may take sabbaticals, but if you want to encourage your pastor, make sure that you are in church whenever the church doors are open.

Timmy's Thoughts

I would only add a few more practical things like; Wash the pastor's car, Mow the pastor's lawn ... ha ha! Just kidding of course. But notice in what this person wrote ... very simple, very doable, nothing weird (like the 2 things I jokingly mentioned) ... actually the 5 things are very biblically sound!

Challenge: Wherever you attend church ... support your pastor.