No Free Time

I understand No Free Time.

My schedule is probably not too much different then yours; busy! Besides my regular "office Hours" which are only Tuesday - Friday 10 - 5pm, I officiate 30 weddings a year ... which entails many times 3 pre-marital counseling sessions for each wedding, a Friday night rehearsal, and a Saturday night wedding. So here is my week;

Tuesday - work all day, then my sons football practice from 6:00 - 7:30pm (or like last nights scrimmage went till 8pm)

- work all day, daughter has music lessons 5pm, I leave for Lawrence to lead Bible Study that begins at 9pm and is over at 10:00pm ... then I tear down and come home.

Thursday - work all day, Jana has worship rehearsal at 6:30pm, I have a wedding rehearsal at 6:00pm till 7:30pm (downtown KC).

- work all day, then my sons football practice from 6:00 - 7:30pm, I've got a wedding rehearsal at 7:00pm.

Saturday - work first part of the morning on Sundays service, 10:00am Vandon has tournament game, I have a wedding 12:00pm, then Vandon has another game at 2:00pm, then I have another wedding at 6:00pm.(last Saturday night I preached at a Baptist Church, then headed down to the KC Rescue mission to serve the Homeless dinner)

- 7:00am at church setting up for 10:00am service, after service tear down lasts till 12:30pm. Then staff typically has a staff meeting or fellowship till 3:00pm. Then I have a wedding at 6:00pm


There is an eb and flow to my schedule, it's not always this busy, but it's pretty typical ... and of course these are the things that I schedule ... I can not predict the things that happen that aren't "in my schedule" that will take place from time to time.

So I tell you this not to impress you with how busy I am (many of you are much busier) but to give you a thought or two about "protecting your time."


1) Don't Do Too Much
- pretty much my schedule is only full of the things I must do. Not that I do not want to do them, but what I mean is that they are things that I need to do. Because they are to support my family, participate in my kids activities, do my job, help people, etc. I am asked to do a lot of others things (as I am sure you are as well) but I know when it's just too much and it begins to take away from my family and my personal sanity. Saying "no" sometimes is the best thing you can say.

*I always like to put a disclaimer in here because there are people who watch a lot of TV (I just don't see how people have time to sit and watch TV ... of course unless they don't have children) and do other things that are really just unimportant and a waste of time ... just busybodies ... who need to fill their time with meaningful activities rather then just busy work ... but when you are so "busy" doing nothing stuff, you don't have time to do the real stuff.

2) Constantly Re-evaluate Your Life - Every so often I would look at what you are doing, and evaluate it's worth, it's value. Then make decisions based on that.

3) Make the Tough Calls - This often time entails hurting peoples feelings. But you just can't do everything other people want you to do. Like I said earlier; saying no is sometimes the best thing. But not everyone will see it from your perspective because they say yes to everything (and are miserable).

4) Make Time for God - It seems to me, or at least what I see often, that we get so "busy" in life we forget the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. The most important things get crowded out first. I guess this is because people don't feel that those things are "important" enough, or "God will understand", or that they don't "have to" do them? I do preach on this rather regularly because I see it as a real issue in our culture today. And that is that anything and everything crowds God out of our lives.

There has always been some non-negotiables in my family:

1) Time with God - which entailed not just personal devotion time, but cooperate worship on Sundays (or Saturdays for some people) and serving (volunteering, or using my gift to help others). You just don't miss church unless you are dead, or at the Superbowl ... and even then you better have great seats and a ticket for the pastor. (* I am being a little sarcastic here ... and I do understand there are things that come up, tournaments that must be played, vacations to go on, etc. But just because you have a soccer game at 2PM doesn't mean you gotta skip church at 10AM) Teach your kids about what is most important in life ... it will help them for later!

2) Time with Family - never going to be too busy to spend quality time with wife and kids. Sacred family time.

3) Time with Friends
- making time for fellowship, relationship ... iron sharpening iron.

My thoughts on life ... take it or leave it!