My Life's Journey

Over the last couple of years I have noticed that MY LIFE'S JOURNEY has become more important to me. I am guessing that it's because I am 40 now? I mean I have always taken life pretty serious in the sense that I work hard to accomplish what I feel God has laid out before me ... but lately it's become even more urgent. I am doing things more on purpose now (being more intentional), and trying to only do the things that really matter.

What about you? Are you on a journey with purpose? Do you have a God-given mission to accomplish? How is it coming along?

I have noticed something that we all do when we feel we are way off course; we just stop. We give up. We forget. We quit. We ignore. But here's the deal, start where you are right now ... make the first step in the right direction, don't say,"too much water under the bridge now ... no use ... too far gone ... I've already messed it all up" it's never too late. I know that phrase is often over-used, but it is so very true! Start today!

More and more I give serious thoughts to where God wants me, who God has made me to be, His call on my life, and the ultimate purpose for which I was born and ask myself ... am I on MY LIFE'S JOURNEY? Am I fulfilling My Life's Purpose?

I hope you are! Enjoy life's journey!