We've Got it Backwards

I was thinking about marriage again today and I just had this thought as I was sitting next to my wife at the pool; we've got it backwards.

When we first meet that special someone we chase them, date them, love them, call them, buy gifts for them, think of them, tell other people about them, compliment them, go places with them, we want to be with them all the time ... we spend many hours on the phone talking to them, we tell them how much we care for them, on and on it goes ... then we MARRY THEM. And all that "dating" stuff STOPS.

And then we wonder, "I don't know what happened ... it was great when we were dating ... we've just grown a part ..."

So, I am here to tell you that we've got it backwards ... all that "dating" stuff above should be for marriage!

And if you use your kids, job or life as your excuse why you don't ... you are just making lame excuses! Yes, I will agree that you have to get a bit more creative and put a little more effort into it, but it can be done. We trade childcare with another couple we are friends with so we can at least get 2 official dates a month.

So, if this is you, back it up and reverse it!