Self Leadership

I think too many times we are too dependent (lazy may be a better word, but I don't want to offend anyone) on others to "do it for us" (whatever it is) rather then doing it for ourselves.

Unfortunately this is also true in the local church; I am guilty of feeling this way as well. "I want my local church (that I only attend when I'm not too busy)to fix all my problems, teach me the whole Bible, teach my kids the whole Bible and make them behave (and if they aren't behaving it's the churches fault) give me a worship experience that brings a tear to my eye and gives me goose bumps, makes my spouse more loving, my job more enjoyable, and makes food taste better ... etc etc.

Then all week we do absolutely nothing to continue to feed ourselves spiritually ... and then again we wonder why we aren't growing ... it's never our fault ... so we blame everyone and everything other then the person to blame - OURSELVES!

If I am not in shape physically, I don't blame the local YMCA that I attend, I blame myself for not doing what I need to do to grow (or get in shape) everything I need to get in shape is available to me, but I must pick up the weights myself and move.

As for those of us who are married ... I think it's the husbands responsibility to LEAD spirituality in the home ... if a home is not growing spiritually ... it's the husbands fault! (There can be exceptions ... but rarely). And for those of us who are parents, its our responsibility to TRAIN UP OUR CHILDREN in the LORD ... we parents should TEACH our children the things of God.

Parents we are with our kids 7 days a week, and the local church gets them for an hour once a week (maybe) ... it would only make sense that the primary teacher and spiritual discipleship of our children in coming from us ... let's step up to the plate parents! Don't slough that responsibility off on someone else ... jump in and play an active role in their spiritual growth!

Where do I start?

1) Buy a good book (study guide) on whatever you want to learn.
2) Buy a childrens bible devotional - turn the stupid TV off and read it to your child every night before bed.
3) Serve in the the local church you attend ... press in!