Unhappily Ever After

Marriage works best when each spouse serves the other as if they were perfect! Rather then what we typically do (because we don't feel like doing it the other way) which is to treat the other person like we feel they are treating us. This is the cycle of doom.

He doesn't love me, therefor I will not love him, and because she won't love me, I won't love her ... on and on it goes. Usually this scenario ends in divorce. Or at least ends in two people just living unhappily ever after!

Neither wants this cycle of doom, yet both continue to feed it through pride. And I see this a lot, and I am tempted to jump into it myself from time to time (even though you understand Jana is perfect there are those rare occasions she doesn't do just what I would like her to do). I think we all are tempted from time to time to jump our of the happy ship, into the unhappy ship of doom.

Jesus tells us to to "love our enemies." Wow, what a challenge. Hopefully our spouse hasn't become our enemy, but sometimes they can feel like it. And they become difficult, if not impossible, in our minds, to love. But the Bible also tells us that "all things are possible with God."

So maybe, just maybe you are looking at your spouse for all that he/she ISN'T, and treated him/her like they AIN'T? When you should be treating them like they are ALL THAT and a BAG OF BEANS. Love him/her like he/she is all you ever had hoped for ... and see what happens. Seriously!

I can hear someone saying; "But Timmy he isn't all that and a bag of beans ... he is all that and a bag of poop." Well, maybe, just maybe he has become the person he has been told he is? You call him a lazy bum, so he is a lazy bum? MMMMMMMMM?

This is called complimenting and encouraging our spouses to be all they can be ... helping them become a better person!

Well I gotta run, but just try it ... if you are married SERVE YOUR SPOUSE! Call him/her RIGHT now and REPENT for whatever happened this morning, or last night and say "I love you ... I've been stressed, you've been stressed, there's a lot going on in our lives ... and I love you and believe in you!"