Why I write what I write:

I have been asked before WHY I write about what I write about here on my blog, and that is a good question. Sometimes I write on whatever I am reading or studying at the time, other times (majority)I write as a result of emails from you the reader wanting to know about certain things, and sometimes it's just something I have pulled out of left field.

If you've been reading my blog at any length at all over the years I am sure you have noticed I write a lot about Marriage (and all things related ... like sex, communication, love, adultery, etc.) And the reason for this is that I have a real passion to help couples grow a healthy marriage AND I receive a ton of emails asking me about such things.

So just FYI ... if you have a question, whether it's spiritual, marital, emotional, personal, or professional that you'd like me to address Anonymously, then this is the place to do it.

In memo put: "Blog Question"


I pray that your life is all that you want it to be!