This morning Jana and I were getting the kids ready for school and fixing their lunches and I was giving them my usual “you can do and become anything” motivational speech. And Shaeylea said, “Can I become a millionaire?” I said, “Absolutely! If you’ll do what millionaires do.”

I then saw this look in her eye that said … “so Dad why aren’t you doing what millionaires do?” So I said before she coulds actually ask the question outloud, “Honey you don’t become a millionaire spending what you make, living right at your means …”. I must admit her look got me thinking; so, why don’t we do what millionaires do? Why don’t we live below our means, invest, invent something, write a New York Best Seller, start a computer software company called "Gibson-soft", or create a cool computer and call it "Orange" and the logo would just be an orange with a bite out of it, or something like that?

Then Jana blurted out, “at least we are thousandaires!” We all fell on the floor laughing! Yes, if we combined all our money together … we’d have a thousand dollars! We laughed so hard over that!

Moving on … I have no aspirations of being a millionaire so I can drive a new car, get a bigger house, or have expensive things (nothing wrong with those things) … I just want to be able to give more, help more, do more for others. Honestly, I want to be able to do more for others. The thought of living my life and sitting in the rocking chair at the end of my life and I only lived for me, and only provided for me, and didn't leave a real lasting mark on this earth ... that would be a very sad day for me!

I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating - if I personally was to win the lottery (which I don’t play) and get a million dollars right now, nothing would change for us, except the church would get at least $100,000 the next day and we’d have money in the bank for both the kid’s college, and both our cars would be paid off, etc. etc. Other than a few things like that nothing would change … I wouldn’t quit my job, we wouldn’t move, we wouldn’t buy new cars, we wouldn’t buy any jewelry, we wouldn’t buy fancy clothes … life would be pretty much the same.

So what am I trying to say here; whatever you desire in life you must make sure that your actions are taking you there. What do you desire?

“If you really want to get to Mount Olympus, just make sure that every step you take is in that direction” - Socrates

Sit down this week and evaluate your life … are your actions taking you where you want to go? In your marriage? In your finances? In your career? In your health?