As most of you reading this know I will sometimes blog some very random things ... Let me confess that usually I will blog as a result of my random thoughts and other times I blog as a result of questions I have received from people who find out I am a pastor, then lastly I will blog what is on my heart (usually God inspired … I hope!).

Okay, so I had a dude approach me the other day and ask me, “dude, so you are a pastor … can you tell me if smoking marijuana is a sin?”

After I chuckled and realized he was serious I said, “The Bible says that we are to obey the laws of the land as long as they do not keep us from serving God. So, since Marijuana is illegal, then YES it is a sin to smoke and I recommend you quit smoking it”.

Then he said, “well … what if it was legal … could I smoke it then?” I said, “it’s not though … so that is just hypothetical … and I am not sure Willie Nelson will be able to get it legalized in his lifetime ... sorry bro”.

There you go, my spiritual insights on smoking pot.