The world would be different if…

Have you ever wondered what our world would look like IF everyone lived according to the way God has given us to live in the Bible? I often think about that … and then I am reminded that one day in Heaven it will be so, but until then we have this.

We sometimes complain or grip about “the way things are”, and it has a lot to do with us, our choices that further drive the commotion.

Just think IF… everyone loved perfectly. What would our relationships look like?

Just think IF … everyone helped others who were in need? Could we eradicate poverty all together?

Just think IF … everyone gave freely a portion of their income to the church community they belonged to. What could their local church community do to help others?

Just think IF … (fill in the blank)

Timmy, that’s impossible. Yes, I guess it is for now, but why not reach for that life … it’s a better life …. it’s the best life … it’s the life that Jesus calls us to.

So let’s start with you … what if YOU…? I think together we could change the world honestly!