When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Jana and I just had a good friend who lost her husband tragically. They would have been married 14 years this January. Both of them loved God, each other and their two children.

She is wrestling with questions, just like anyone would if in the same situation; WHY GOD? How could you let this happen?

Our hearts ache with hers at this time.

The only thing I can compare it to is when one of my children gets hurt … whether they are just playing normally, or climbing a tree and fall … I hurt with them. And yes I could have stopped them from living therefore protecting them from any harm, but I let them live and with LIFE comes the opportunity for pain. I feel this is how it is with God. He let’s us live life, and we not only live with the circumstances of our bad decisions, He also (unfortunately) allows us to suffer under the decisions of others too. It’s a part of life … I don’t like it anymore then you! It is what it is.

So, here is a question I hear you asking; if God isn’t going to protect us from harm then what is the benefit or reason for living for Him?

That is a wonderful question that I have even asked myself!

He is God, our creator. He is deserving of our worship, love and adoration. And in the end we will find we are much better off having lived for Him then not.

Here is the bottom line; if EVERYONE lived for God then our friend wouldn’t have been tragically killed. (He was hit by a drunk driver). So I feel that it is important for us to LIVE for God wholeheartedly and encourage others to do the same thing and life will be better. Not perfect, but definitely better!