All of us have a "gap" in our lives, somewhere ... where we want to be compared to where we are ... where we want our marriage and where it is ... where we want our financial situation to be and where it is ... where we want our spiritual lives to be and where it is, where our life is and where we want it to be ... on and on we could go, but you can fill in the blanks as it relates to your life.

The problem sometimes is that we are comfortable, though unhappy with where something is and where we want it to be, but nothing is motivating us to change ... so we stay unhappy right where we are ... why not change and close the gap?

So, what to do about it?

I think the first question to answer is; WHERE do I want my _______________ to be? Then, what would it take to get it there? Then you must put together a workable plan to get there, then start working the plan!

Unfortunately life doesn't just happen the way we want it always ... we've got to get our hands on the wheel!