Confessions of a Pastor – 10 of 10

My Confession: That’s just it … you’ve got to confess!

The reality is that no matter how good of a Christian you are, or think you are, you sin (miss the mark, mess up, do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing or think the wrong thing).

Can I just vent here for a second? There is nothing more irritating than a holier-than-thou Christian who “thinks” they are so spiritual that they don’t even recognize their own sin because of their high minded religious spirit. We’ve all seen so called “mature Christians” who backstab, backbite and gossip all in the name of Jesus… what a shame and a disgrace to Christian community … this my friends is why un-churched people stay clear of church AND why so many people leave the church today … we Christians are so un-Christian! God help us all!

Okay, back to my little thought on; what to do when you sin:

1) REPENT of your wrong doing.
2) RECEIVE God’s forgiveness.
3) CONFESS to someone.
4) TURN from the bad behavior.

1 John 1:9
“If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

It’s so important to repent of our sin, not just to God, but to those who were affected by our sin. I feel it is so important, if possible and if you can, to ask the person who you sinned against to forgive you (whether they do or not is between them and God, you just do your part). Then, if you have a sin you struggle with it’s always important to have someone you can confess to … what many people call an accountability partner. Of course we are only accountable as far as we are honest. Accountability partners often times are a joke, because we don’t tell them the truth, therefore it’s pointless. Also a true accountability partner is not just someone you can tell what you did bad so you can feel better for telling someone… they hopefully hold you accountable to turn from your bad behavior.

The best form of accountability is self- accountability! Then having 2 or 3 trusted friends who love God and love you to help you live the way you really want to live.

Much love!