I just watched Superman Returns with my kids last night. I was struck by some of the storyline that I felt related to the Bible story; God sending His only son to save earth, and sacrificing Himself for all mankind.

Interesting how Louis Lane won the Pulitzer for her story “why the world doesn’t need Superman”, which is the view that too many people take in regards to a relationship with Christ. When in fact the world desperately needs Christ, just like in the movie the world did need Superman, and Louis in the end realized that truth.

I hope and pray that people will no longer just have a loose vague belief in God, but a true heartfelt understanding that a relationship with Chrsit is absolutely key to a fulfilled meaningful life here on earth.

There is a difference I am learning between people who simply have a “loose vague belief in God” and those who have a “healthy growing relationship with Christ”.

I hope my life reflects that I have a healthy relationship with Christ. What about you?