Dreams + ____________ = Living the Dream

Answer: ACTION

We all have dreams, at least at one time we did. If you are no longer dreaming, what happened? Answer: LIFE! Life happened. We got busy living, and doing and let the dreams die. Or maybe you're still dreaming, but you put no ACTION to those dreams. What I mean by, ACTION, is that you put no effort in achieving or accomplishing those dreams. 

What is SUCCESS?

According to Earl Nightingale success is, "A Progressive realisation of a worthy ideal." Meaning the Mother who wants to be a Mother and works hard at being a good Mother, and she's loves and cares for her children because that is what she wants to do, she is a success. Success, or living the dream is not about the balance in the bank account, but rather the path you are on that leads to where you really want to be. And not just where you want to be, but becoming who you want to be. I am personally more concerned with who I am becoming than where I am going.

So here is my challenge: What is your dream? After you have written that down, begin to think what are some actions (steps) I could take each and every day to bring me closer to that dream. Then write them  down. Then, each day take action (steps). 

Example: If you want to write a book, then each day write! Write a page, a chapter, a paragraph, something. Start a blog. I would also read books about writing books. Or about people who have written books. 

You only have one life, live the dream! No one else can or will do it for you! In the words of a famous pastor, "If it's going to be, it's up to me" - Dr. Robert Schuller