How To Get A Date For Valentine's Day

I was "dating" in a day and age when there was no such thing as "online date sites," in fact personal computers were just coming out and I couldn't afford one. And not to mention Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet. (ha ha)

I think that "online dating," is helpful for many people, especially those who live in a small town, work a lot, or may be an introvert. I have officiated hundreds of weddings for couples who found true love online. But I want to challenge you to get dates the old fashion way, which I think (in my humble opinion) work just as well as the online way.

To get a date by Valentine's Day it only really requires one thing; Courage!

  • If you see someone you find attractive or interesting, go talk to them!

If you see someone with great hair, pretty eyes, or nice shoes, have the courage to tell them. Overcome the fear! Now, don't be weird or creepy about it! That would work against you. Just be calm, cool and collected. Don't let fear keep you from possibly meeting the person of your dreams. Seriously, you may be the very person they have been dreaming about, don't be selfish. Be bold, be courageous!

It's important to not play the, "what if" game; what if they turn me down? What if they laugh? What if they slap me? First, they won't slap you (unless you are inappropriate or rude! Then you deserve it.) The important thing to think is; what if they say yes?

I challenge you to live by this rule: Don't say people's no for them! Give them the opportunity to say yes, or no. We shouldn't make the decision for them. Live fearless! Have fun!

Disclaimer: Obviously this is for singles! And I am NOT talking about "hooking up" I am talking about going on legit dates. I do not encourage or support the "hookup" lifestyle. I am hoping to help singles who are genuinely looking for that someone special, and have fun in the process.