Favorite Coffee in Kansas City

I have some pretty heavy blogs coming up, and have done some pretty heavy blogs recently so I wanted to lighten it up a bit with a list of some of my favorite Coffee Houses in Kansas City.

Timmy's Top Ten List of Coffee in Kansas City

10) Downbeat Coffee House (Just off the Plaza)
9) City Market Coffee House (River Market)
8) Quay Coffee Cafe (KC, MO) *A great cup of coffee
7) Westport Coffee House (Westport Area) *Love their iced-coffee
6) Black Dog Coffee House (Lenexa, KS)
5) Groundhouse Coffee (Gardner, KS)
4) Broadway Coffee House (Westport Area) *Best Chai Tea Latte
3) Roasterie Cafe (Brookside) *It's all good here
2) Little Freshie (17th and Summit) *A great cup of coffee
1) Kaldi's Coffee (The Plaza) *It's my favorite place

Honorable mention: Oddly Correct Coffee Cafe on Main St. in KC, MO is amazing too ... even though if you like cream and sugar you'll need to bring your own. They don't have it, and it's because they want you to get the full taste of their coffee ... I get it, but I still like a little cream and sugar.