2014 Easter Reflection

Wow, we did it! Another Easter successfully accomplished! Easter does stress me out a bit, not in a bad way, in a good way. It’s an exciting stress, if there is such a thing. For many it’s the one church service they will attend, and I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to preach the Gospel Message clearly so it’s not lost on the hearer.

Our church has a history of doubling on Easter. So whatever we run on a normal Sunday, double that number and that is our Easter! So, as you can imagine it’s a bit crazy getting ready for it. I am so proud of the Mercy Church community! Our Dream Team, those who volunteer, rose to the occasion and did a great job making sure everyone who attended feel welcomed and loved. I received several emails from first time Easter attendees, here is just one:

Pastor Timmy, 

I attended church Easter Sunday for the first time with my roommate XXXXX. I grew up Catholic & have lost my interest in church within the last few years. My roommate suggested I go with her & see what it was like. I enjoyed your service very much. I felt so welcomed & did not feel "lost" during the service at all. I really enjoyed the Church's freelance style while at the same time being organized. I had a great first time experience & want to thank you for that. It’s refreshing to attend a service that was about ME as an individual yet still centered around God. I really like what you guys have going on, & I will definitely attend in the future. 

Thank you!! - Emily 

Easter, to me, is a forecast of what is to come for our church. Or at least what is possible if we will be faithful with what God has already given us. It’s a glimpse of what could be or should be for Mercy Church if we will all rally together and cease the moment! I believe that every Sunday can be Easter!


For those who were at our Easter know that we had a power outage right as service was to begin (only on Easter, right!) and our Worship Team Member, Scott Nance played his violin marvelously to entertain the crowd while we scrambled to get the power back on. And thanks to Dustin Matzek, a Dream Team Member, we found the switch and got us back on! It was a interesting start to a service, but all ended well! 


Several people prayed a Prayer to dedicate and/or rededicate their lives to Christ on Easter, and that’s what it’s all about – getting people to commit their lives to Christ! Amen!