3 Things to Help Make You Happy Today

If you are anything like the rest of the world, you seek happiness! I know I do! We live in a world with so many things that wants to strip us of the happiness we seek. I have found that in my own life there are just a handful, three to be exact, of things that if I do them regularly lead me to a much more happy life!

1) Doing the things I love doing!

For you it's _____________________________! For me it's creating beautiful things! I love all forms of art (cooking, painting, music, etc) and when I do them I feel a deep sense of satisfaction that leads to a feeling of happiness. What is it for you? Make time for them! If you are too busy to do them, then you are in fact too busy and should cut somethings from your busy life so you can do them.

2) Be with the people I love being with!

The opposite is also true here; don't be with the people you don't want to be with! Easier said then done, huh?! Well it's still true! Cutting bad people from your life is like removing a deadly tumor from your body, it's the start of health and healing.

Once you remove the bad people, fill those times with good people. People who inspire you, encourage you to be and do good! People who believe in you and your dreams.

3) Live the way I want and should live!

Now this could be misconstrued to mean something I do not mean it to mean. Okay, I say this with the assumption that you want to live a moral upstanding life like Jesus teaches us to live. So with that said, for me this translates in to so many areas of life.

    a. Be honest.
    b. Think good pure thoughts.
    c. Be kind.
    d. Eat healthy.
    e. Exercise
    f. Listen to positive and encouraging music.
   g. Etc.

Does this make sense? I hope so. In other words be true to yourself and to who God made you to be. I see it so much in my counselling practice, people depressed, full of anxiety, fear, turmoil, and the like ... and it all stems from a lesser-lived life. Doing what they know they shouldn't, lying, cheating, stealing, eating bad, skipping going to the gym, and so on. These things lead to an unhappy life every time! Without fail!

And one more for the road ... and this is for the super mature, those who are emotional giants, frankly, I think that could be you! 

4) Decide to be happy!

No matter your situation in life, decide to be happy IN IT! You don't have to be happy ABOUT IT, but rather happy IN IT! I know it can be extremely tough, but happiness is ultimately a choice we must all make. So why not do yourself a favor and chose it for yourself?! You'll be 'happy' you did!

Your Life Matters!