Simple Life

I’m not sure if it’s my age (I’m 44) mid-life, but lately I have been longing for a more simple life. And frankly, I’m really not sure what that looks like just yet. Does it have anything to do with where you live? How much money you have? What you do for a living? How many kids you have, or don’t have? I know people who live in small towns and they are just as hectic as I am in the big city, so that’s not it. I know rich people who are frazzled, and I know poor people who are frazzled. I don’t feel I am living a simple life as much as I could, or should right now, but I am working on changing that in the months and years ahead. What about you? What do you want? How do you want to live your life? Are you living the life you want?

I know that the more stuff I acquire, or achieve, the more un-simple life seems. I know that when I watch Leave it to Beaver or the Andy Griffith Show I love for a more simple life; life before cell phones, email, video games, and social media.  Trust me; I’m not dogging all these great tools of technology that we all use and enjoy! And the "yester-years" weren't all perfect, I know that! But, there’s got to be a balance to it all. And maybe it’s just me that is feeling this way, but I would assume that I am not alone, and you too need to find the balance in it all too; the simple life.

I miss having more regular family meals around the dinner table, taking walks in the park, baking pie, reading a good book, making homemade ice-cream, going fishing, taking bike rides, playing catch, kicking cans, hanging out with good friends, etc. These are things I don't do enough of, and I am working on getting them back into my life. I guess really what I need to do is slow down, eliminate the clutter, and enjoy my life! Maybe you should too!