KC Date Ideas Under $25

One of the most important things in a marriage (or any relationship) that is often forgotten not too long after the honeymoon is the whole ‘dating thing.’ I guess we feel that dating is something ‘single people’ do, not married people. It’s like the joke about single people having better sex than married couples, this ought not be!


I believe that whatever it took to capture the heart of your spouse is what will be needed to continue to capture their heart for the rest of your marriage. Never stop capturing the heart of the one you love!


I celebrate 19 years with my wife and I still call her on the phone and ask her out. I still send love letters to her through the mail (postal service, with a stamp and everything!). I still write her corny poems, I still leave notes on her car, notes on her mirror, gifts on her pillow. Why? I do this because I want to continue to capture her heart for the rest of our lives; it’s basically what I agreed to at the altar 19 years ago.


I’ve heard every excuse why people “can’t go on dates” … no money, no time, kids, etc. All lame excuses! Seriously! Come on, let’s be honest here, you have the time when something is important to you, and let’s face it, there’s enough money to do a little something, and kids can be duct-taped in a closet in the basement for a few hours. Ha ha! Okay, that was wrong, I do not recommend that … but it did make you giggle!


It’s true that we do what is important to us, so make ‘dating your spouse’ important to you, because the reality is that it is very important, even critical to your relationship.


Here are 10 simple date ideas for under $25 that can be done here in Kansas City:


None of these ideas is rocket science, and maybe you have even done them before, but have you done them recently? The key is not “doing something you’ve never done” but rather “doing it!” There is no reason you cannot do one of these a week, so you should be good for the next 10 weeks!


1)      Find a NEW restaurant that neither of you has been to before (i.e. FUD, Eden’s Alley, Blue Bird Café, or Pot Pie)

      Order your favorite carry-out dish and take it to your favorite park, spread out a blanket or find a park bench and enjoy.

3)      Look up a local winery and go for a wine-tasting, even buy a bottle to share later. And along those same lines, do a Boulevard Brewery tour.

      Find a cool little coffeehouse to grab a cup of coffee and share childhood memories. (i.e. Hi Hat, Little Freshie’s, Coffee Girls)

      Make a list of your life’s dreams and share with each other.

6)      Do a themed date. (i.e. dress up in 1950s clothes and go to Winstead’s for a milkshake)

      Go to a bookstore (only a few left in the city), grab a poetry book and pick a poem to read to each other.

      Look through a cookbook and find a yummy recipe, go purchase ingredients, come home and cook together, then share the meal. Make sure to dim the lights, play some classical music (or whatever music fits the dish) top off with candlelight.

9)      Go to Little Freshie’s down off 18th and Summit in Kansas City, Mo., and get one of the delicious treats along with a cup of coffee.

  Go to a heavily-wooded park and hike through the trails, find a make-out spot!


Plus ONE … 11) Dress up and go to Nelson-atkins Museum of Art (not on a Monday, they are closed!) and when you stop in front of a picture (or some piece of art) place your finger on your pursed lips and nod your head slowly, then tilt your head from one side to the other. People will think you are some art critic!
*This Article was published in EABrides.com magazine.