Who Goes to Heaven?

So, who does go to Heaven?

As a pastor, I am often asked questions like: Will homosexuals go to Heaven? Will adulterers go to Heaven? Will people who have been divorced go to Heaven (which would be “adulterers” according to Mark 1:1-12)? Will people who commit suicide go to Heaven? Will Democrats go to Heaven? (Okay, so I am not asked that last question, but you’d think I would the way many Christians have tried to make people believe that being a Christian is synonymous with being Republican … ridiculous!)   

First, I just gotta make it clear … I am not God (as if you didn’t know that already!) I do not have the power, or the knowledge, to stand in the place that only God Himself can stand … the place of final judge and decider of all things, a job fit for only God. Only He decides who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. I would assume He is FAR more gracious than we would ever be, or ever see our self being! Either way, it’s His call, not mine or any other little minister out there.

When people do ask me one of those questions, I always follow it with a question: “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” And if they say, “yes” I say, “Then Yes, you are going to Heaven!” The ONLY sin that keeps someone out of Heaven, as I see it from the Bible and everything that Jesus said, is the sin of UNBELIEF! I do believe, and see in scripture, that what we believe should be evident in how we live, but aren't we all sinners trying to figure life out?


I have strong opinions about people who have never heard about the saving grace of God, or Jesus. I believe that God is a God of mercy, and He is just. I can not imagine a God who would condemn someone to eternal damnation if they never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That, in my opinion, would be like punishing a child for touching something they didn't know they weren't to touch.   

Disclaimer: Obviously I write with a Biblical "Christian" bias ... this, in my opinion, is the ultimate truth. I do not think that everything Christians believe or proclaim to be truth, but I do believe in the one true God who sent His son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of man, and through the power of the Holy Spirit we can live a meaningful life.