Pit Stop

Life is moving fast and I'm not really sure I'm doing a good job at taking the occasional pit stops to be refueled, recharged and refreshed, how about you?

I know pit stops are necessary, and even critical to doing life well until the end, which I hope is a long time from now! If you are like me - I always say, "I'll rest tomorrow," or "I will get rest on my vacation in July". But let's be honest, you need more than just 7-14 days on the beach (or whatever it is you do for vacation - hopefully it's not 'visiting family' ... that is NO vacation and it's definitely not refreshing! Just sayin!) to refuel, recharge and refresh when there are another 315 days we are running.

There are probably as many ideas on REST as there are people on this planet, but let's unpack it for just a minute shall we; in life there are seasons, not only actual weather seasons, but seasons of how life flows. It's different for different people, depending on job, family, extracurricular activities, and life in general. For example for me, as a pastor, my year runs crazy busy from January - May, then June - August things slow down at church (kind of) but our personal lives get busy with family stuff, then life gets back to crazy September - December 24th ... then there is a break from Christmas - New Years Day.

I say all that, not to give my life details but to say that just as we plan for a yearly vacation, or Christmas Vacation, or any other trip we might take we need to plan for quarterly pit stops. And these do not need to be big expensive trips somewhere. You can stay right at home and get a refreshing pit stop ... a pit stop is simply "pulling over". It could be just taking advantage of a day off and just chilling, rather then filling up your day off with busy crazy work. Now I realize sometimes we just can't take off, believe me I understand, but what happens in my life is that I get in a habit of working 24/7 and then missing those times I really could chill. 

A pit stop is something different for each person, maybe these will help you discover what a pit stop would look like for you.

Pit Stop Ideas (each of these can be done alone or with that someone special ... your choice!)

  • Take an Saturday afternoon and go hiking in the woods (if you have kids, take one with you!)
  • Go to the pool.
  • After work go to Starbucks (or any coffee shop) get yourself something to drink and read a book.
  • Go to a park sit and listen to the birds, or watch people and forget about all the things that make you crazy.
  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Work from some place other than the office (if you can!)
  • Fill up the gas tank and pick a direction and just drive. (at some point you will need to turn around and come home though!)
  • Go to a library and get some fiction book that interests you, that you normally wouldn't read, and sit and read for a few hours.
  • Rent and old classic movie, pop some popcorn and relax.
  • Draw up a bubble bath, light some candles, play a little classical music and relax.
  • Do something you really want to do ... come on, dream a little! You only live once, LIVE! (listen, don't make excuses why you can't ... start making excuses why you CAN!)
  • Focus on the good things in your life and in the lives of those around you! (Negativity is a killer! Avoid it like the plague!)
  • What is it you used to do that brought you joy? Do it!
  • Try something NEW ... a new food, a new book, a new movie, a new drink, a new place ... something new.
  • Put the kids to bed early, pour a glass of wine, grab a great book and stay up a while and read.
  • Do __________________________ (put here whatever it is you really want to do).