Killer Date Idea

My wife says I am romantic. Maybe, but I think I am just creative and totally crazy about her so I am always thinking of ways to show it. So I have this crazy Killer Date Idea that is original with me. Now I'd like to say that Jana (my wife) is the first person I pulled this date idea out for, but it's not, yet still it's amazing and guys you should try it.

I don't even have a name for this date, I should, it's just too awesome to label really. I will just describe it and give you the details on how to pull it off.

Items Needed:

1) Small folding Card Table
2) White Table Cloth, and 2 nice cloth napkins
3) Fine China (2 Dinner plates, 2 Salad plates, & 2 dessert plates)
4) 2 place settings of Silverware
5) Bottle of *Wine w/2 Glasses (*or whatever you would drink with a fine meal) bottle opener.
6) iPod, Android, iPhone (something to have music. Back in the day I used a ghetto blaster, ha ha!)
7) Food (Order takeout, or whatever works for ya)
8) Candles
9) 2 Chairs
10) A friend to help is helpful, but not a must
11) Blindfold

Okay, there are 2 ways to do this, I am going to explain the way that doesn't require the *help of a friend. First you load "items needed" up in the trunk, with out her knowing - that's what makes it super cool, and super romantic, at least I think so. Secondly, you ask her what she'd like to eat, best if you already know, then you call the order in, then go pick it up. Then you drive to a park (okay, now I've done this on a Golf Course - hole one, on top of a building, in the middle of a garden, random place with a cool view, etc. It's endless where you can set this little dinner date up ... I would suggest whatever she would dig the most.)  Once you arrive at your destination have her put on the blindfold, then you open the truck and get all the stuff out and set it up (takes about 10 - 15 minutes) in the perfect spot for this little dinner.

After you have everything set up (remove food from containers and place on fine china, etc) make it look like a fine dining restuarant has set up a table in the middle of the park. Then you come back get her and walk her to her table (music should be playing, candles lit, etc) pull her chair out, have her sit down, and pour her a glass of wine (or Mountain Dew). Boom!

*The only difference is when you have a friend help you is that he/she already has everything set up when you arrive.

Important note to single dudes: Don't throw this date down on a girl unless you really like her! Because she will want to marry you after this, I promise you that! I did actually throw this date down back when I was single and that's pretty much what happened with every girl I did it for, not good. So guys, be selective and careful you are sending the right message.

Important note to married dudes: Seriously bro, do this one! Like this weekend!