Bad Day

We've all had one of those days, when you look at the clock hoping it's just about time to head home and it's only 11:23 AM ... and the thought of drudging through 5 1/2 more hours ... ugh! Pass me the bottle of Jack! Ha ha! Nothing is going right, all the calls you are making are to people who are not home, or not interested, or their having a bad day too. Not to mention you have a crick in your neck so when you turn to look at someone you turn your whole body, ha ha! It's that day you just want to crawl back in bed and make it go away.

Q: So how do you get through a day like that?

A: Take a DEEP breath to start with! That always helps. Play some uplifting music, I like classical (not everyone's thing I know) but something that jazzes you up. Then I recommend you go outside, if possible, and take a 5 minute walk to clear your head and talk to yourself about having a better day. Then when you get back to your desk, or whatever it is you do, do the thing you actually LOVE to do - whatever that "thing" is ... that call, that email, that letter, that meeting, that creative idea, that project, etc. Take 30 minutes and do what you love! If you are like, "Timmy I hate everything about my job." Then walk into your boss' office and quit! ha ha! Just kidding, but walking through that in your head may help you feel better ... go ahead and punch her/him in the throat (in your mind)!

A few more things; think about the things that are going right in your life, though it may only be a few things, that's a few things that are worth celebrating. Call a friend, spouse, lover, and tell them you love them and ask them to say a prayer for you and encourage you. Then finally take a few minutes to plan something exciting to do when you get off work; like watch a movie, enjoy a glass your favorite wine, smoke a fine cigar, sit outside and read a book, ride your bike, play a game with your kids AND IF YOUR MARRIAGE ... well make some beautiful sheet music tonight!