Who's Right?

This is a HUGE question for not only Christians, but people of all faiths, and even people who claim "no faith," as their "faith." You know that it takes just as much faith to believe as it does not to believe? It does! But that is an entirely different blog entry.

So who is right? That is a great question, and it’s a question that shouldn’t scare you, or threaten you or even irritate you, and if it does, then in my opinion, you are not really sure of what you believe. Even when someone is trying to convince you that what you believe is wrong just secretly think their wrong, and it’s all good. Ha ha! I mean isn’t that what we all do, in our own minds? Now there have definitely been those times when I actually felt that I may be off a little and what the other person was sharing was a valid point that I should consider, or that should cause me to alter my current position.

When I say “who is right?” I am specifically thinking of all the different Bible teachers out there. I mean there are so many voices claiming to be RIGHT! You have entire ministries who feel that it is their “calling” to tell you everyone who is wrong, and of course they themselves are right. So what to do? Who to believe? Who to follow?

I mean you read Chuck Colson and he contradicts Rob Bell, then you read Bill Hybels and he contradicts Mark Driscoll, then you read Francis Chan and he sees things different then Joel Osteen, and Beth Moore says things that are contrary to Joyce Meyers … on and on I could go with the hundreds, even thousands of voices saying slightly different things in some cases, and pretty big things in other instances. So, who is right?

Personally I go with the Bible and the message of Jesus! The message of Jesus, out of all others, seems to me to be the best one, and I believe it to be God's word. We shouldn't worship a man, though we serve WITH man, and even follow great leaders, we don't worship mere men. I have read books by all the people mentioned above, and many others, and each have had great things to say that I can learn, grow and even be challenged by, but I do not see eye to eye with all of them on every topic. We ought to be able to be in fellowship with people who do not see everything just as we see it. At Mercy Church we have Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Lutherans, and dozens more, all loving and serving the cause of Christ together in community.

Here is the main thing; LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!