"I Can" Attitude

It's important to develop an "I CAN" Attitude in life. I know I love nothing more than working with and being around people who have an "I CAN" attitude. They are infectious and help to remind me that we really can accomplish more with a positive attitude. It's proven through research that "believing you can" is paramount to being able to accomplish the task at hand. We've all worked with people who give every excuse why something can't be done, or why it isn't being done (whine, whine, whine!) Then someone comes along and does it! We should learn from the CAN DO people! They are often contagious, and attract the very things, including people, needed to accomplish the desired goal.

So what are you? A "can do" person, or an "I give every excuse why it can't or isn't getting done" person? I hope the former, for your sake!