Relationship Series - Pt 3

Romans 14:19
Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.


1) Focus on the PRESENT.

  DONT: Dig up past grievances/sins.

2) Focus on partners actions and how those make you FEEL.

 DONT: Criticize your partners personality or character.

3) Pick a good TIME to talk.

 DONT: Complain at times when your partner is distracted by pressing matters such as a deadline or caring for small children.

4) Tell your partner about your NEEDS and DESIRES .

 DONT: Expect your partner to mind-read, to guess your needs and desires.



 1) Ask QUESTIONS for better understanding.

 DONT: Belittle or criticize your partner for complaining.

2) Acknowledge the LONGING behind your partners complaint.

 DONT: Defend yourself.

 3) Take RESPONSIBILITY for the problem.

 DONT: Deny responsibility or flip it or spin it back on your partner.

 4) Dont TAP out.

               DON'T: Quit.