First I want to make it very clear - I am not a "prosperity preacher!" God and wealth do not necessarily go hand in hand, nor does evil and poverty. I know wealthy people who are evil, and I know God fearing people who are also wealthy. I also know God fearing people who are poor as well as evil people. There is nothing wrong with being broke, except the obvious part of it ... it stinks, I've been there! And there is nothing wrong with being wealthy, unless your wealth has you rather then you having it! Having wealth gives you opportunity to do many great things! Do it.

All that said, I do believe that God wants to take care of His people and there is nothing wrong with asking God to give you more than enough, especially when you use it for His purposes. Often we pray for God to bless me and mine, when a better prayer would be to ask God to bless you so that you could be a blessing to others.

God knows our motives for wanting more, we can't trick Him, so be sincere ... but I dare ya to ask God for extra and commit to giving that extra away to help others.

We should all cultivate an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality. Be generous!