The Work - Home Balance

I struggle with this whole Work-Home Balance. I am thankful to have a home office so I am around the house a lot, but I am also never far "away" from the office and it's easy to do a little work during family time.

I have had to create boundaries for myself. For example I shut it all down by 7pm (sometimes earlier, typically, unless I have a wedding) and commit that time to family. We each have to find that balance and make it work. We never want to get out-of-balance and be working our life away, or just spending all our time with family and setting ourselves up to go bankrupt.

One way to find the balance it to talk to your spouse! They'll tell ya, maybe they already have ... are you listening?

Disclaimer: There are seasons to work and home. For me personally being a pastor I am slammed busy during the spring time leading up to Easter (Lent Season) then also around fall Thanksgiving and Christmas (Advent Season,) but in the summer it's slow. So we take vacations in the summer, visit family in the summer, etc. So we are heavy on the family side during that time. Then comes the fall we buckle down for Back to School, Back to Church!

I made a commitment that I would not sacrifice my family on the altar of ministry, and it's a constant battle to keep that in check. I hope for you and your life you are doing the same. Because at the end of life who cares how much money you've made, or what business you've built if you have lost your family/children.

You can do both, and do both well! God bless!