Is Bigger Better?

There is this thing among pastors called, "Church Envy" and it's all about the bigger your church the better. And we all want a bigger church. And if I am honest I get caught in that trap way too often.

I think for the most part we pastors want our churches to be bigger for a lot of good (even God) reasons; more people to do God's work, more resources to help hurting people, more people means more people reached for God, on and on we go - all great reasons that are sincere and from a heart of love! I know, because those are my reason. But "does size matter?" I don't know, but I would say that it's not the size that matters but what your church does with what it has that matters most.

Of course I am saying this because my church isn't big, right? I hope I'm not "that guy" ... the guy who has a smaller church who's always dawgin on the "big church." I dislike when pastor do that ... always saying bad things about mega-churches, all because we don't have one and wish we did.

I guess I am writing this post just to say that it's okay to want your church to be bigger! What pastor if he/she is really honest wouldn't want that? A weird one, in my opinion. BUT, all that said, there is nothing wrong with a smaller church! I guess that's my main point here! You (pastor) should be content with what ever size church you have while continuing to pursue God's highest and best. Don't settle, keep pressing on, and pressing in to God's plan and purpose for your life and the church (people) you serve and get over the whole "church envy" deal.

I can only give you an example from my own life of having a medium-sized church (small church is less than 100, medium 100 - 300, large 400 - 999, mega 1000 plus) ... I am having the time of my life! I love it! But there was a time that I didn't. Why? Because all I focused on was what I didn't have rather than on what I did! I hope you do the same.

(*The church in the above picture is where I married my sweetheart in 1994)