Finding True Love

Everyone wants true love. Well I guess I can't say everyone since I don't know everyone, but chances are that most everyone does want true love. But the challenge is finding that special someone.

I have several friends right now in search of THE ONE. And they often ask me; "Timmy do you think there is someone out there for me?" My answer is always the same, "Yes, I believe actually there are several "the ones" out there but first you must become the 'right' person in order to meet the 'right' person." I also add that "God will bring several special someones across your path, then you must decide which ONE is the RIGHT one for you."

I truly believe this. Now I believe that God often does this through Dating Services, work, friends, church, and getting out, etc. I do not think you can stay locked up in your Apartment and Mr. or Miss Right will just knock on the door wearing a shirt that reads, "the RIGHT ONE!"

I believe when I was dating around in my 20's I met several wonderful girls who I could have chosen to marry, but the one I chose was the best one, and the one I felt had the qualities I was looking for in a life-long mate. I was not willing to compromise because I do not believe in divorce ... I wanted to marry til death us part. We are only 16 years into it and she has stayed with me, so we are good so far!

I guess my only advice is this:

1) Don't WORRY about it - if you are too worried about it, you become desperate and that's a bad vibe that will actually repel a possible candidate. Just live your life, do what you do, and TRUST GOD! He will take care of you!

2) Don't settle - Just don't do it! If he isn't the right one, then move on! I am telling ya, you will regret it if you settle!

3) Rest in the fact that there is someone out there for you - It's true!

May cupid find you!