Bad Relationship Warning Signs

Why would anyone want to be in a bad relationship for more than a day or two? I see people all the time staying in bad relationships for months and even years! I mean we all want to be in or have GOOD relationships, and it's frustrating, to say the least, when we are in a bad one (or many.)

It seems that we do not see the forest among the trees - meaning we overlook the "warning signs" of a bad relationship for many reason. One big reason is fear. Fear keeps us bound up, unable to make the changes necessary to either turn a bad relationship around or break it off with the person we are dating.

I have come up with just a few "warning signs" that let you know you are in a *bad relationship.

* I am referring to non-marriage relationships here ... if these warning signs are what you see in your marriage I recommend you seek counseling to work through the issues!

1) Extreme Jealously - When the person you are dating is crazy jealous, always checking up on you, calling you, texting you, emailing you, etc. Run, and run fast far away! If he/she gets freaked out when you talk to the opposite sex ... there is a problem.

2) Overly Controlling - when you feel this person is acting more like a parent then a friend, again, run away. If they want to know where you were, when you got there, when you left, and who you talked to while you were there. Run!

3) Friends and Family Avoidance - Ever seen the couple who starts dating and all of a sudden they pull away from family and friends into their own little world? I have, and it's called crazy! That spells trouble with a capital "T".

4) Rude or Disrespectful - if the person you are with is rude or disrespectful to others he/she will eventually be disrespectful to you. I always tell people to watch how he/she treat the waiter at the restaurant, it will tell you a lot about the person. If they are rude and are disrespectful then I would run away.

5) Super Critical - are they super critical of you, or others? If so, this could be a bad problem. Criticism squashes a person self-esteem and that is just what it would do to anyone in relationship with them.

6) No Moral Compass - do they seem to know right from wrong? If not, then this will pose a huge problem when they are faced with choices. They may very well, and most likely chose wrong.

7) God is not a priority - if God is a priority to you then I highly recommend you be in relationship with someone who shares that same priority.

8) Who they are is who they are - I fully believe that people can and do change! But YOU ARE NOT THE ONE TO DO IT! I have seen WAY TOO MANY people date someone thinking hoping and even praying that they'd be able to change them to only find out later, sometimes much later, that they could not. God can, and God may even use you in the process ... but don't be fooled, God can change them without you... you are not the savior - God is!

Thoughts, Ideas or Questions are welcome!