My Graduation Day

I remember Graduation Day like it was yesterday, though it was 23 years ago. The friends, the parties, the girls, the freedom, the joy, the excitement, the nervousness, the confusion, the thrill, the dreams ... and the sadness I felt that day.

In between all the joy and excitement was a sadness that I remember feeling, a sadness that "this high school life" was over. I loved high school and it was changing and knowing I couldn't stay in high school another year, though my grades almost made that happen for me, was very sad. That feeling came and went for the next 12 months as I searched my soul for WHAT NEXT. And that is what matters most ... what happens next, not what happened yesterday. Yesterday is gone, so now what are you going to do?

If you are a graduate reading this (if you know a graduate please forward to them) I hope life brings you all the best it has to offer! I really do! But can I just tell you a six simple things to live by as you venture out on your own to insure that the best does come your way? Thanks!

1) MAKE GOOD DECISIONS! (always ask yourself, "Is this a good decision?")

2) LOVE YOUR FAMILY! (typically they are who you can always trust!)

3) STUDY HARD and/or WORK HARD! (you'll never regret this)

4) MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON! (You get this wrong and you will regret it forever!)

5) READ LOTS OF BOOKS! (leaders are readers)

6) LOVE JESUS & ATTEND CHURCH (most important!)