Life is Like Chess

"The more good decisions you make, the better your life will be." - Donald Miller (Father Fiction)

Making good decisions doesn't mean that your life will be always (all the time) good. This statement is "generally" true. I guess what I am saying is YES, this is a true statement, but life is life and life isn't always full of good stuff even when you are good. But I can tell you from experience life is way more complicated (bad) when I am making bad decisions. I am sure you will confirm!

Life is a lot like the game of Chess ... when you make a lot of good decisions in Chess it leads to victory, or at least a real good game of Chess. If the other guy is making better decisions than you, then he comes out on top, but if you are making the better decisions you come out on top. But life is not about the "other guy," it's about you. So for you it imperative that you make good decisions as much as you can to insure you do not add insult to injury.


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