You Never Know

Today was (is) a beautiful day here in Kansas City so I decided to cut my day a little short and take my family to a park. And what happened next is nothing more than a God Moment.

First, the park looked like the opening day of Six Flags, packed with people, especially kids. I would assume this is because parents are wanting to give their children some playtime over Spring Break ... but get them out of the house since we've had a really long and nasty winter here.

We met my parents at the park to play a little hide and go seek ... it was fun and brought back many fond childhood memories for me. I of course hid the best and won! Just thought I'd share... lol!


So we are walking around the park (btw - big park with a wooded hicking area, lake for fishing, tennis courts, play ground, rock climbing wall, etc.) and my wife notices a cute brown haired little girl, I'd say she was 3 years old, walking in front of us. Now remember there are hundreds of people at this park, so this little girl is one of a couple hundred of other little brow-haired little girls at the park. But for some reason Jana notices that she is walking a head of us and not really with any particular family ... she is walking past dozens of families. Not crying, not doing anything that made her look lost ... just a kid walking around a park, like hundreds of other kids.

Jana noticed that we had walked past at least 12 family groups and so did this girl, then when we were getting ready to turn the corner the girl went left and we went right, but something just wasn't right in Jana's mind ... because there wasn't any to the left. That is when she knew that this little girl must be lost. So she sent our daughter to approach the little girl to see if she was lost. And she was lost.

Long story short, this little girl had come to the park with a group of 20 or more kids (apparently NOT well chaperoned - another story all together) for a field trip of sorts. We had found her clear on the other side of the park ... like Tiger couldn't even hit a golf ball that far - other side of the park! And when we brought her back (after walking all over the park to find where she belonged) they were'nt even looking for her! Crazy!

I was thankful that God had us at the park today to save the life of this little beautiful brown-eyed girl from who knows what! Her name was Lydia, and today Lydia went home to be with her Mommy & Daddy because of my wife's watchful eye, and God's nudging!

I am telling you folks, trust me when I say, God is watching over us, and He is speaking ... are you listening, are you obeying, are you following? I hope so!