I Love It

There are so many reasons I love Mercy Church, but the primary reason is what someone told me after attending Mercy; "I love Mercy Church because I know that at my worst I would have been loved and accepted here!" And that pretty much sums it up! You do not need to be perfect, like my wife, to attend Mercy Church. (ha ha ... my wife isn't perfect, close ... but no cigar.)

I think this is so important because I was raised in a church culture that didn't welcome those who didn't fit into the little Christian box we had created for them. And this is so unlike the Jesus that I read about in the Gospels who loved and accepted everyone. I am not saying that Jesus wants us to stay where we are in our brokenness (sin.) But He does love us in spite of our broken places (sin.) AND He wants to help us be healthy people of faith. This is in fact the Gospel Message (GOOD NEWS) that we preach about ... "for God so loved the world that He gave ..."

So if you are looking for a church that will not judge you, but will love and accept you wherever you find yourself ... whether near perfect, or not-so-perfect, then come check us out.