Addicted to Connected

I heard a DJ on a local radio station here in KC talk about a caller who had called in complaining about her husband spending too much time on his cell phone (Blackberry is what she said actually). She went on to say that he is constantly checking it, sending texts, receiving texts, emails, etc. even while they are out on a date. She said he even sleeps with it under his pillow at night.

Okay, I use my phone a lot ... but I do not use it while on a date, nor do I sleep with it under my pillow for heaven's sakes. This caller's husband has an issue in my opinion. I think we may be a overly Addicted to Connected here.

I heard it said that years ago all the technology advancements were going to make it possible to get 40 hours of work done in 30 hours or less ... because all the "tools" and "advancements" were going to FREE US up ... our time that is... I have to laugh! All these advancements have only busied our lives. It has bettered our lives in many areas too, but like with most things good we must learn to steward them well.

So, are the "tools" to help free up your time doing that for you... or are they stealing time away from you, your spouse, your kids, your friends?

Sometimes at the end of a long day I am tired, and was busy all day messing with the "tools" that really didn't help me accomplish my goals ... but I was busy!

In all things BALANCE!