Soul Mates

Let's just be honest here ... relationships can be complicated! I just celebrated 15 years of marriage bliss (that's a good thing!) and it's not always been easy, the road at times as been rough, but we've grown closer together through it all. And we really dig each other.


Great question! We are asked that all the time. And I do have an answer that I will share, but first I want to say that stop looking for your soul mate and work on being the right person. I can't tell you how many "soul-mates" I've met through the years who are now divorced. Why is that? It's because you do not "FIND" your soul-mate. I firmly believe that once you get married you "BECOME" soul-mates! It's something you GROW, not FIND.

Honestly, 25 years ago I believed in the whole soul-mate thing, along with dragons, tooth-fairies, and the Jolly Green Giant. (a little sarcasm!)

But seriously, I have always loved "love", I love romantic movies, I love romance, I love love stories (only the ones with happy endings like Serendipity, Sabrina, The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, How to loose a Guy in 10 Days, The Princess Bride, and Just Like Heaven) I hated the movie, Message in a Bottle!

Love is a choice, and each day Jana chooses to love me in-spite of my imperfections, and I do the same for her (though she is perfect!)

So for those of you who are SINGLE ... make sure to choose wisely! Do not marry someone for the WRONG reasons!

Now, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS to read my blog for the NEXT WEEK... I WILL tackle this whole LOVE THANG!