Not a Day Should Go By

I am hearing more and more in counseling sessions that spouses are not "praising" or "complimenting" each other. This ought not be!

There's not a day that should go by that we as "loving" spouses should miss the opportunity to tell our spouse just how much we love them and how awesome they are!

I can hear a voice saying, "but my spouse isn't awesome!" Well maybe they have become just what you have told them they are for years ... or maybe, just maybe they never felt appreciated for all the things they were doing, so they stopped doing them. Maybe they wanted you to get your moneys worth for all the criticism.

Isn't it sad that we typically only give feedback when it's negative! You only hear how you are doing when you are doing poorly. This is very unfortunate and is a bad way to live ... especially in a marriage!

Challenge: Compliment, praise ... tell your spouse how great and wonderful they are ... hug them, kiss them ... come on, it won't kill you to do this! But if you don't do it ... it will KILL the relationship!