A Message

All of our lives, whether you know it or not, are communicating a message ... or we could say that we are preaching or proclaiming a message, if you will, with how we live! So, here is my question; What message is your life communicating? A message of "hope?" A message of "who cares about God?", or "My life is more important than God?", or "I love anything and everything more than God?", etc.

Just like Jonah painted here in the Sistine Chapel (pictured above) he was called by God to preach the message of message of Repentance to the people of Nineveh. Which really was a message of God's Grace and Love to save the people from the wrath of their sins. Their sin was going to destroy them (that is what sin does) so God in His infinite love and mercy sent Jonah to preach to them. But Jonah ran from that calling. Are you running from God's calling today?

If so, you are in for a rough ride ... I recommend you turn around today!